Reptile Fact Sheets

Below are fact sheets for reptiles!

African Fat-tailed Gecko

African Spurred Tortoise (sulcutta)

Alligator Lizard

Argentine Black And White Tegu

Argus Monitor

Asian Water Monitor

Ball Python

Bearded Dragons

Bibron Gecko

Black Head Python

Black Throat Monitor

Blue-tongued Skink

Burmese Python

California Desert Tortoise

California Kingsnake

Carpet Python

Children’s Python


Colombian Black-and-white Tegu

Colombian Red-tail Boa

Common Snapping Turtle

Corn Snakes

Crested Gecko

Cuban Rock Iguana

Desert Iguana

Dumerils Boa

Eastern (or Chain) Kingsnake

False Water Cobra

Fire Skink

Forest Hinge-back Tortoise

Frilled Dragon

Gargoyle Gecko

Gopher Snake

Greek Tortoise

Green Iguanas

Hermann’s Tortoise

Honduran Milk Snake

Leopard Geckos

Marginated Tortoise

Mexican Black Kingsnake

Nile Monitor

Pueblan Milk Snake

Rainbow Boa

Reticulated Python

Russian Legless Lizard

Russian Tortoises

Savu Island Boa

Speckled Kingsnake

Speke’s Hinge Back Tortoise

Sudan Plated Lizard

Taiwan Beauty Snake

Texas Rat Snake


Western Hognose Snake


Yellow Anaconda

Yellow Bellied Cooter

Yellow-footed Tortoise

The Critter Squad fact sheets have been written and created by Critter Squad to give parents and teachers a helpful hand in educating children even when we are not there.  Please enjoy…