Go the Whole Hog with Reptile Party Decorations

Go the Whole Hog with Reptile Party Decorations

When your family requested a reptile birthday party you might have been thrown into panic and confusion. Where do you get all the decorations and equipment needed to host a proper reptile party, and how do you make the party special? With help from Critter Squad, you cannot only get fantastic Reptile party decorations for your event, but you can also book a visit from the reptiles themselves, including frogs, snakes, lizards and turtles, so your family will get the party they have always wanted and you can be the proud host of a fantastic event.


Get the Perfect Party Supplies

Start by making your event special by decorating it with reptile party supplies. You can find plenty of different types of decoration and party equipment on the Internet, and have them sent straight round to your house. However, if you wish to keep everything completely unified, then you can talk to Critter Squad about their range of party equipment and supplies that will make the event that much more special. We can go to extraordinary lengths to provide you with everything you need, including a rhino defender character at $50 for 30 minutes, to add extra interest to your birthday party.

Go the Whole Hog with Reptile Party Decorations



Traditional Party Props

If you still want to have the traditions of a traditional party, then you might be interested in some of our specialist add-ons, such as the canopy tent, designed to give your visitors a little bit of shade while still allowing kids to enjoy seeing them in the middle of the day. You can also add on a photo booth to take pictures of your kids holding the critters, party bags and gifts, and especially table full of skeletons and insect collections that will thrill your kids and is a one-of-a-kind display to educate and entertain everyone.

Book Now For Great Reptile Events

When you book a reptile event with Critter Squad, you will know that you are getting more than just a single snake and a birthday card. We can pull out all the stops and go the whole hog when it comes to fantastic Reptile party decorations and supplies from our add-on kit, so you don’t have to look elsewhere for any extras. To book an event today and talk to our team about the reptiles you want to attend the party, call us on (818) 654-9433 now.