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Reptile Party Ideas

There are a lot of great ways to host an awesome reptile party. We are talking about going all out! That means painting the outside of the house with scales, mascots in lizard suits who are hanging out waving and taking pictures with your guests, and all the kids having full blown reptile body painting and their own pet reptiles to take home after the party! This is just the start of your most mega reptile party! Let’s face it, when planning your kids party you would love for it to be so fun and full of activities that the video goes viral on Youtube. But we all know that throwing a kids party isn’t that easy, and they definitely aren’t going to be as crazy as you were originally hoping.

Going all out for your kids reptile party can be easier than you expect. If you plan correctly some things can be cheaper than expected. We have listed a few things that may be helpful when planning your reptile party.

Reptile Goodie Bags

For starters it is a good idea to have some reptile themed goodie bags for the kids. Goodie bags are very common at parties and it is very easy to plan some awesome reptile themed bags yourself. For the CSWD party bags that we pass out at our events there are lots of goodies inside. We start with the main additive, which are little reptile toy figurines. Local party stores will often have mixed bags of reptiles or insect toys that are great for party bags. If you are not able to find them you can always order some from an online source beforehand.

We regularly use jungle themed or rainforest themed bags of animal toys. These can also be readily found at a party store. After locating reptile toy figurines we like to add in a magnifying glass and little bug jars to promote activities like searching for insects at the end of the party. Two other favorites that we add to our party bags are bouncy balls and parachute men. All kids love bouncy balls and the parachute men are a long time favorite. Using these as your party bag fillings along with some fruit chew candies or lollipops and your kids will have a blast!

Play a fun animal game

Games are a quick and fun way to keep your child’s party guests entertained during the event. A really fun game that we play is called “Frog in the Water” and it is really simple. All you need is some frog toys, two buckets, and water. This is a relay race style game, where the kids have to throw all 10 frogs into the water buckets before the other team. The first child will take a frog from the floor and throw it to the bucket. They must continue throwing until they make their first frog in the bucket. If they make the first frog then their team member behind them will throw and they will continue until all frogs are in the bucket. A miss means they must keep throwing until all the frogs are gone or until they make one. If they throw all the frogs and didn’t make any, then the team member behind them must relay run to bring them all back and continue throwing. The first team to make all the frog toys wins!


How to set it up: First, fill your two buckets with water. Decide the distance the children should throw from and place a marker there. Using a smaller bucket of frogs with no water is a good marker to use for where to throw from or you can use a rope or string. Then, have your party guests line up in two lines behind the buckets and get ready to PLAY!


Hope these two ideas help to make your next reptile party even better, and if you want to add activities and other games to your party planning ideas then don’t forget to head to our kids zone to download all kinds of Critter Squad Wildlife Defender coloring pages, mazes, and even word searches!  See you there defenders!



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