What Reptile Shows for Birthday Parties Bring to the Event

What Reptile Shows for Birthday Parties Bring to the Event

The goal of any parent when you are planning a birthday party for your child is to make the event as fun as possible for everyone in attendance. Besides having great snacks, a birthday cake and music, you also want to plan activities during the party that can help keep everyone entertained and involved. It instead of going with the usual party games that can be found or just letting the kids run wild outside, you may want to consider having a show during the party that can provide them with great entertainment and education at the same time. We at the Critter Squad offer reptile shows for birthday parties that can make any event truly special.

A Great Educational Opportunity

Having us on-site to present a reptile show at your child’s birthday party can be a fantastic educational opportunity. While most people may not think of what goes on at a birthday party as a chance to teach children something, what we can bring to your party can change all of that. We can come on-site to your location and bring various types of reptiles and insects with us for everyone to enjoy. Our experienced handlers can provide a program that helps to explain all about each particular reptile, how it lives, what it eats and what it does so that everyone in attendance will have a better understanding of particular types of lizards, frogs, snakes and other animals and insects.

Entertainment for All

Our reptile shoes for birthday parties provide a high level of entertainment. If your child has a particular love of reptiles, this can be the perfect opportunity for them to get up close and personal with reptiles in a way that they may never have had before. Children will get the opportunity to hold and pet the different reptiles that are brought to the party so they can see for themselves what they feel like and how they move.

Arrange for a Show

If you would like to book 1 of our reptile shoes for birthday parties, please take the time to call us at the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433. You can also take the time to visit our website at www.crittersquad.com so that you can learn more about the different programs that we have available, the rates for our services and any other questions that you may have. Let us bring the highlight to your next birthday party right to you!