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Reptile Theme Party with Critter Squad

Watching a child bond with animals that they’ve never seen before is a heartwarming experience, even if it is only for one day. At Critter Squad we’ve packaged the most amazing reptile theme parties with animals that are all well-mannered and child safe. While we know that having a good time is super important to you and your part guests, the safety of you and your guests is our primary concern. Therefore, we make sure to bring only the most friendly, clean and healthiest animals to your reptile themed parties. We take pride in the fact that we give the best presentation with the cleanest and healthiest animals so that children and adults alike can enjoy your reptile themed party. Don’t stress over clean up, we’re a completely self-contained company, meaning that we take care of the set up and clean up too!

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Los Angeles’ leading Reptile Theme Party Provider | Critter Squad

If you’re looking for a reptile themed party for one of your children’s birthdays, look no further than Critter Squad! What if your birthday boy or girl only wants a particular type of reptiles for their birthday party? No worries, at Critter Squad we offer our clients a variety of different types of reptile themed party packages. For example, imagine for a moment that your child loves turtles…and only turtles. Fortunately for you, our “Shells are Swell” package is designed specifically for the child that loved shelled amphibians. This reptile party package is one of our best booking options and is great for all ages of kids, especially younger ones. The Shells are Swell party offers the largest and most varied collection of rare turtles and tortoises. Including but not limited to pancake tortoises, giant tortoises and more. With our broad range of tortoises we sure that your kids and all of the party guests will continue to love turtles of every kind for years to come.

Critter Squad’s Themed Birthday Party Packages

On the other hand we also offer packages that are more akin to the petting zoos that you were probably acquainted with as a child. The petting zoo package offered by Critter Squad provides excellent and hand’s on farm animal experience with an assortment of animals that caters to people of all ages. With our current collection of over 30 species of birds, mammals, insects and reptiles, we’re sure that you’re party goers will have the opportunity to pet and play with a variety of our loveable and friendly petting zoo animals. This package is perfect for clients who desire to provide their children with the opportunity to explore and pet in an environment that feels the safest: home.

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