Where to See Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles Up Close

Many people, adults and children alike, are fascinated by the animal kingdom and reptiles in particular. Many reptiles look as if they are throwbacks to the times of dinosaurs, giving us a glimpse of what animal life may have been like millions of years ago and how they have evolved into what we see today. Watching how they move, run, react, eat and more can be a fascinating experience for you. Of course, there is a big difference between reading articles in magazines or watching videos online of reptiles and seeing them for yourself. If you want to know where you can see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles up close, we at the Critter Squad have just the answer for you.

Where to See Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles Up Close

The Downside of the Zoo

Most people immediately think that the only place they can go to see reptiles of this nature is to go to your local zoo. While the zoo is certainly an option for you when you want to seek particular animals or species, very often the experience can be a bit hit or miss. When you go into many reptile houses, the lighting can be much darker, and there are often several species of reptiles together in the same large tanks. It can be difficult for you to discern just what is what and it might be even harder for you to see them at all because of the circumstances. You might never get the chance to see the reptiles you want because they do not come out of hiding or there are too many people around.

A Personal Program

The better way to see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles is to arrange a program with us at the Critter Squad. We offer a variety of programs and packages that allow us to bring the reptiles directly to you so that you can see them up close and personal. We have birthday packages that are perfect for children and offer programs for after school programs, daycares, community events and much more. You can see, touch and interact with reptiles like never before with our programs.

Where to See Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles Up Close

Get More Information

To find out more about the programs we offer so you can see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles, read all about us at Critter Squad at our website. You can go to www.crittersquad.com to learn about us, the programs we offer and more, and then give us a call at 818-654-9433 to book a program with us so that we can provide your group or party with an educational and fun experience with our reptiles.