Southern California Snake Parties!

Hello to all our Southern California Snake Loving Defenders! Spring is coming and its a great time to start thinking about those snake parties for the upcoming birthday parties. Snakes are one of the most commonly misunderstood animals and they continue to fascinate the minds of everyone they encounter.  Our scaly serpents are common sights at events and reptile parties in the Southern California area and we have been doing events for over 12 years!  We can help to make your party memories slithery and educational.

We know there is a lot to think about when have a snake party for your kids birthday party and so we wanted to put together a list of three different tips you can use to have a great Southern California Snake Party

Snake Party Tip #1:

Have your cameras ready! We have so many cool snakes at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders and you guys are going to want to take some pictures with your guests!  We totally allow pictures to be taken and the parents, kids and family members will love the opportunity to frame some of your amazing shots!  It doesn’t matter if you have a cell phone, SLR camera or a quick point and shoot and camera, you must find a way to have those cameras ready!  So, charge those batteries and get ready to have a great snake birthday party!


Snake Party Tip #2

Don’t Serve Food While Snakes Are Out!  That’s right defenders, it’s never good to eat food around animals, especially not at your snake birthday party!  Trust us, snakes are not going to be scared or threatened by the Cheetos and pizza you are serving at the parties, but kids should not be touching the animal when their hands are greasy.  It is also important that they do not pet animals and then go right back to eating, as this can be a great way to spread unwanted germs at the party.  So, helps us keep the snakes pizza grease free and we will help make sure your Southern California Snake Party is a huge hit! 

Reptile Store Birthday!


Snake Party Tip #3

Have comfortable places to sit!  We have been to so many parties in the Southern California area and we have unfortunately seen way to many people under prepared. There is always no shade or even worse no where to sit.  Guests are literally standing the entire time and that makes people leave and walk away to more comfortable areas.  When you are having you snake party it is best to have some kinds of blankets of chairs that can be setup to make the viewing easier for the defenders at your party.  Shade is always an important factor in your snake party.  So, plan well and make sure to have somewhere comfortable for your guests and the snakes to hang out. 

If you need help planing your next Snake Party we are more then happy to help.  You may call our main office for any of your party planning questions and or concerns. Even if you are not booking a reptile birthday party with Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders we are still here to make sure you have the best party possible!  Please call us anytime!

Don’t forget to check out the Painted Reptile to find out how you can rent out a reptile store to have your Southern California Snake Party.