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2019 Spooky Special Offers Below

End 10/31/2019

All events must be booked in Oct 2019.


Hissing Hair Raiser     

4 Insects – 45 minutes      $125.00 (plus travel)

This Halloween insect package is a quick option for seeing some impressive insects this Halloween.  Guests attending the Hissing Hair Raiser will see hissing roaches, a tarantula, a scorpion and some crazy cool millipedes!


Slimy Slumber Party     

 4 Amphibians – 45 minutes       $125.00 (plus travel) 

The Slimy Slumber Party is the best way for you to cuddle with some of our slimy ambassadors!  Defenders in the Slimy Slumber Party will see Frogs, Toads and our super cool salamanders. Bring your blankets and your pillows and get ready for this slimy sleep of bash!


The Medusa Medley         

4 snakes  – 45 minutes           $125.00 (plus travel)

Medusa is such and iconic member of Halloween and that horror excitement.  This ancient monster had a head full of snakes…as hair! So, why not name our awesome 2019 Halloween snake package after her.  In the Medusa Medley defenders will see 4 awesome snakes, including python and an anaconda!


Worm Dunk                 

4 buckets of worms – 45 minutes      $125.00 (plus travel) 

The worm dunk is our friendly version of an old TV show called The Fear Factor, where your defenders will be able to explore and dunk their hands in some fun buckets of worms!  It sounds weird, but kids love looking for bugs and they love digging for earthworms. Guests in the Worm Dunk will be able to explore multiple kinds of worms and use their magnifying glasses to study them up close!



25 % OFF all Meet and Greet Packages

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25% OFF all Photo shoots

when booking our Halloween Guests from the packages above!


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