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February 2020 Deals 

Furry February!

All Deals End on 2.29.2020

Guinea Pig Gathering- 1 hour -$100 (plus traveling)

Guinea Pigs are great little mammals that look like furry baked potatoes, but they are cute, inquisitive, and funny to watch as they explore their enclosures. In this little Guinea Pig gathering you and your guests will get to hang out with 5 amazing piggies.  Package comes with toys and food, so you can have a blast interacting with these furry cuties.


Bunny Brush and Fluff- 1 hour -$100 (plus traveling)

We have noticed after doing so many events that kids really love helping with animal activities, so for Furry February we are doing a bunny grooming package. Your guests will meet 3 rabbits and work with our educators to learn how to properly brush, groom and health check rabbits. After learning the kids will be able to feed and hang out with these cute fuzzy critters.

Sugar Glider Meet and Greet- 1 hour – $100 (plus traveling)

People are fascinated by Sugar Gliders!  These tiny gliding nocturnal mammals are nimble and interesting for people to watch. They travel in cute carrying pouches and they love eating fruits, like bananas, which you can feed them during your meet and greet.  Don’t pass up the chance to book your one on one with 3 amazing sugar gliders from the squad.


Furry Fiesta- 1 hour- $100 (plus traveling) 

We are going to finish celebrating Furry February with the Furry Fiesta!  This is a quick and easy, pick-your-own furry animals package, so you get to pick which animals you want to show up at your Furry Fiesta. You may choose 5 furry animals in any size and any combination. Who will be at your Furry Fiesta?