Exotic Birthday Party Ideas

Rely On Us for Good Exotic Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties can be dull unless you think outside of the normal clowns or bowling parties. Instead, you want something that birthday guests will be talking about for weeks to come. We have something to offer you if you are searching for good exotic birthday party ideas in California. Critter Squad will arrive with a…

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The Pelican

Three-quarters of our planet is covered in ocean. It should come as no surprise that many terrestrial species have evolved to exploit this rich resource. No more dramatic example can be found than the numerous species of waterbirds, amazing avians that have had to master three separate elements, air, land, and water. Of all the…

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A Creative Invite – Reptile Birthday Party Invitations

Children today love the idea of having a theme to their birthday party. For many kids it can be superheroes, princesses, their favorite television character or movie character, cowboys or just about anything else that really sparks their interest. If your child has a great love of animals, and in particular reptiles, you may want…

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Animal Birthday Party

Los Angeles’ Leading Reptile Theme Birthday Party Provider

Have you been scouring the city of Los Angeles for the most reputable reptile show for your child’s upcoming birthday party? At Critter Squad we offer the most unique collection of friendly and safe reptiles for events of all kinds. Whether you’re scheduling a birthday party, school associated educational event or after school classes, Critter…

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