Reptile Show- Who Is The Most Diverse?

Lately, reptile shows and reptiles parties have increased in popularity.  It is very easy for people to purchase dozens of reptiles and call themselves a reptile party company. Lack of experience can be awkward and dangerous when it comes time to plan and host the reptiles at your house. Sometimes there is worry that maybe they don’t take proper care of their reptiles. Or maybe they don’t know how to handle their reptiles. Some people won’t even teach you about the animals, they just leave them in a tub for you to view. When planning your reptile party you want to choose the most reliable and trustworthy source for your reptile interaction. Choosing a reptile show program with the most diversity should also be a top priority.

Donation List

Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders is a reliable and safe source for reptile shows and interactions. Our educational events have a huge diversity of reptiles waiting for you to enjoy. Our diverse reptile collection consists of snakes of all shapes and sizes, all kinds of amazing lizards including monitor lizards, and we have a massive educational collection of turtles and tortoises! When choosing Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders for your reptile party place you will get experience, diverse animals, and a mix of fun and education. For more information on booking head to our event pricing page. To just learn more about reptiles in general then you can head to the reptile center of our Kids’ Zone!  See you guys there defenders!

If you are in the Los Angeles are and looking for a reptile show for your classroom or event then please contact us at anytime.  You can learn all about animals even when you are not doing a reptile show by checking out our animal Youtube channel!

We also have tons of blogs for you to read and animal quizzes for you to make the most of your time when you are bored.  Hope to see you at a reptile show soon, defenders!