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Meet the Critter Squad Team

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Geoffrey Mantonya is the founder of The Critter Squad, a company many have come to know and love. A true lover of animals, Geoff started a company called Manton Reptiles when he was only 19 years-old. The company’s main focus was towards captive reptile breeding programs. Through his future experiences in the animal world, and through his own University education, Geoff realized the importance of educating the public, so he transformed his business into a wildlife education company. Through this, The Critter Squad was created. Geoff is now 31 years-old and his company, The Critter Squad, is strongly known for their extremely exciting and educating animal outreach presentations. As The Critter Squad moves into the future, Geoff is leading the pack into new worlds. He has started new wildlife endeavors, such as humane animal trapping and release programs, captive breeding programs, and a few other secrets waiting to emerge. Geoff is eager to continue educating the community and making a difference in the world of wildlife.

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See Geoff featured on the Today Show when he was 20 years old:

Meet the Team!

MEET Riley:

Riley Mantonya has been around animals her entire life. Within the past few years, she decided to join the Critter Squad team and absolutely loves it. In the beginning, Riley started out as a shy teacher and shortly after starting, she didn’t think she could do it. Riley hung in there and is now one of Critter Squad veteran animal teachers, teaching dozens of after-school classes and other classroom shows a year.

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MEET Julia:

Julia Mantonya is one of the longest running employees of Critter Squad. Doing animal presentations and public events since she was around 21, Julia has a lot of experience working with animals. Although she took some time off to get her doctorate in Psychology, she makes still enjoys educating the public on Critter Squad’s awesome animals. Her favorite animals are giraffes, and when she is not working, she enjoys swimming and going camping with her family.

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MEET Rebecca:

Rebecca Aguayo is an educational specialist with the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders.  She is a general ed student who graduated from LAVC with a passion for teaching little ones about animals.   Her favorite animal is the black wolf.  Her hobbies are amateur taxidermy, playing music and hiking.

MEET Amber:

Amber Lockspeiser is an educational specialist with the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders.  She is a graduate from the Ojai School of massage.  She studied animal massage and her favorite animals are dogs.  Her hobbies are going hiking with her dog, going to the mountains, going to the forest, listening to music and watching live bands.

MEET Adom (Ravi):

Adom (aka Ravi) Merritt is an educational specialist with the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders.  He attended California Lutheran University, and studied philosophy. His favorite animals are Tigers, Lions, Falcons, & Hawks.  His hobbies include Pokémon & video games, eSports, listening to music, watching comedy, and doing puzzles & riddles.



Dan has been a veterinarian at Adler Veterinary Group since 1991. He started working there while in high school, and has been with the hospital throughout his career. He is a graduate of UC Davis, a lifelong resident of Southern California, and has a wonderful wife and daughter. He loves baseball, softball, and his two dogs Sophie and Dryfus. He also has a cat and multiple reptiles.
He became Medical Director when the practice was sold in 2007. Dan has a strong interest in rabbit, small mammal, avian and reptile medicine and surgery. He is extremely dedicated to the practice and his clientele.
Dr. Reimer is a member of the AVMA, CVMA, AAV (Assoc. Avian), ARAV(Assoc. Reptile and Amphibian), and ASGV (Sugar Glider Vet.)

We are proud to entrust the health of our beloved animals to the expert hands of professionals — thank you, All Pets Medical Centre

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