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Things to do in San Fernando Valley This Halloween 2019!

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There is always so many things to do on Halloween night and the days leading up to Halloween.  We are always getting calls to make appearances at events during this season, like Halloween carnivals. So we know how many events there are out there and we know choosing can be hard. You can follow our social networking platforms to get full updates on all the public events we will be doing this Halloween and fall season. We have laid out some awesome things you can do this year and some exciting stuff happening in the San Fernando Valley area.


Trick Or Treating!hallowen  things to do

Trick or treating is always a huge hit, especially when you have kids.  I know, there is always that time in our lives when we want to go trick or treating, but we feel to old to get out there.  Trust me, I know the feeling. But, the San Fernando Valley has some pretty awesome trick or treating hot spot, so even if you aren’t going door to door with the kids- it is still fun to get out there in costume and walk around with the masses.  I have noticed that there is really good trick or treating near college campuses.  In fact, we have always gone with members of the CSWD team and family members to the neighborhoods right near CSUN, which has awesome themed Halloween decorated houses, full blown haunted houses, tons of people in costume and lot’s of people trick or treating! If you are in college and looking to have fun, then you will also find a lot of similar minded people there as well!  Head to Balboa and Nordoff and look for all the people in costume. You can’t miss them.


Go to a Pumpkin Patch!

I personally love going to pumpkin patches, especially nowadays, when they have those creative pumpkin patches with other things to do for families and kids then just buying pumpkins.  In years past I remember pumpkin patches literally being a bunch of pumpkins laid out on the corner of a building with a dirt parking lot, in a location where a business has not been for a while. They were enclosed with white fences and very seldom decorated with hay bales to make it seem more farm like. Certain pumpkin patches have gotten much better and are far more creative at having things to do for their visitors.  A local pumpkin patch near Critter Squad HQ that is really great for families is called Tapia Brothers Farm.  Each year they have corn mazes, picture areas, rides and sometimes animals guests for viewing.  They even have a huge selection of pumpkins and squashes for your 2019 Halloween decorating fun.  If you are local to the San Fernando valley then you should stop in and check it out.


Host a Halloween Party

Some people just like to stay home for this crazy holiday and if that is your thing, then we have just the right event for you. Hosting a party is always fun! (well except for the clean up) So, you can host an awesome 2019 Halloween party and invite us to stop by to do one our Spooky Specials!  Our Spooky Specials are a regular Halloween Special and this year we have 4 amazing packages!  We have a snake package called the Medusa Medley, a bug package called the Hissing Hair Raiser, a worm package called the Worm Dunk and a super slimy amphibian package called the Slimy Slumber Party!  All our Critter Squad Wildlife Defender Spooky Specials are great deals and fantastic way for you to make this Halloween educational and memorable.

Critter Squad’s Halloween Spooky Specials!!!


Go on a hike!

This fall weather is great for those last second hikes before it starts to get too cold.  I know some of you like to hike even when its cold, but getting out there in the fall weather can be a magical time to enjoy the great outdoors.  So, if you are not doing anything then get out there this Halloween and enjoy a good nature walk.  Nature is going through some pretty amazing changes this time of year and it can really take the stress away.  Some local places to Critter Squad HQ that are great for hiking in the evening is the Franklin Canyon Site Trail.  This place has some great areas during the hike, including areas with tree cover and a decent size pond during your hike.  This is a great place for a fall hike in the evening and I can’t wait to make a drive over there with the family.  Remember to leave nature better then the way you found it and remove any trash on your way through.


We are hoping to hear all the things you are doing this Halloween and we want to see the costumes for your animals as well!  That is, as long as they are respectful costumes and don’t scare your pets!  Please stop in and follow us on our social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram to tell us what you will be doing this year!  Have a safe and happy Halloween defenders and call the main office at 818-654-9433 if you have any questions.

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