a Mobile Petting Zoo

Thrill Your Daycare Kids with a Mobile Petting Zoo in Los Angeles

When you own or operate a daycare center or facility, you are constantly trying to come up with new, fun, and entertaining ideas that the kids in attendance will love. Finding new things to do that provide a great educational experience and enjoyment for everyone in attendance can be tricky sometimes, but there are things out there you can do without having to arrange for field trips to other locations. You can arrange for a fun-filled event for all of the kids when you contact us at Critter Squad and have us bring our mobile petting zoo in Los Angeles right to your location for some fun.

A Great Educational Program

A hands-on event at your facility that involves different reptiles, insects, mammals and other small animals can be a fantastic opportunity to provide education for all of the children. Our staff can provide you with a presentation using the different animals that you choose to provide the children with a thorough background regarding each animal, how they live, what they eat, how they play and more. The children get the chance to see the animals up close and touch them for themselves, so they can see how they move and what they feel like. This can be an incredible learning tool for any class.

A Fun Introduction to Animals

Our mobile petting zoo can be a fun way to introduce the children to reptiles, birds, and animals that they may have seen only in books or on a computer. The program allows for great interaction so that the children can learn all about the different species presented that day. They may get to see animals or insects that they have never even heard of before or never realized what they really looked like and how they moved. The program can create memories that will stick with everyone for a long time.

Find Out about Programs

If you would like to have our mobile petting zoo in Los Angeles come to your daycare facility, please take the time to contact us at Critter Squad. You can give us a call at 818-654-9433 to speak with a member of our staff and learn about the programs we offer, what the costs are, and how you can make a reservation for the program that you want. Let us come to you and provide a quality educational and fun program that the kids will be thrilled with.