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Tips For Hosting A Petting Zoo Birthday Party

Your kids want something new and exciting for their birthday party this year, and you don’t want to disappoint them. If you have been struggling to think of ideas that will be new and innovative, then you might want to think outside the box. Rather than hosting the party in your own home, why not go somewhere completely different, and be the host of a  Petting zoo birthday party? With help from Critter Squad, you can get the party your kids want, and be happy that you have helped to organize their best day out ever. If you like this idea, then we have a few tips to make the day go well.

Organize Your Party

When you are thinking of traveling to a petting zoo for your party, it is important to make sure that all of the children will be happy with this arrangement. Sometimes, kids are frightened of particular animals, such as horses or creepy crawlies, and so you will need to find a zoo that can arrange for other animals. Ask your kids what sort of animals they and their friends will like, and start talking to petting zoos about the best way to arrange for these animals to be available when you visit.

animals for parties los angeles

Arrange The Petting Zoo Party

If you want to take a trip out to a petting zoo, then you will need to arrange the visit as soon as possible. These trips are very popular, so by getting in early, you can make sure that you are able to book your chosen spot. If you find that everyone is booked up by the time you call them, it is worthwhile looking for mobile petting zoos – these groups come to your home and bring animals to visit your guests.

Book Your Visit With Critter Squad

If you want to visit a petting zoo with a difference, then you should talk to Critter Squad. Our  Petting zoo birthday party can arrange for a host of different animals to visit, from soft and cuddly pets like rabbits and lambs to more unusual creatures including reptiles and snakes. We can offer mixed animal parties so that everyone gets to see a creature that they love. Book with us today to make your party the best in your neighborhood. Just send us an online message now, or call us on 818-654-9433 today.