exotic birthday party ideas

Book Excitement and Exotic Treats with a Reptile Kids’ Party

It can be hard to find a suitable birthday party event for your kid that hasn’t already been done. Things which were really exciting yesterday are now boring and old-fashioned, and if you are trying to find something interesting for your children then you may need to think outside of traditional children’s parties. They don’t want cupcakes or clowns, and are instead demanding something that they have never seen before. For something unusual and interesting that your children will really love, a Reptile kids’ party could be the perfect solution.

Bring the Exotic to Your Own Door

You might think that kids want to pet fluffy animals such as rabbits or kittens, but some kids are really interested in the wilder parts of life, and are really interested in snakes and spiders. Boys and girls can be interested in discovering new types of tortoises, lizards and snakes, are with a host of other exotic species that your kids will have never seen before. The Critter Squad will arrive with a selection of different creatures, so there will be something for all of the kids to see and enjoy. For more exotic things, you can even book a number of bugs that you would normally be excited to see in your back garden.

Reptile kid's party

Creepy Crawlies in the Critter Squad

If your kids are interested in everything that crawls on the night, from tarantulas and scorpions to beetles and hissing cockroaches, then we are the party supply for you. You could book our creepy crawlies special and make your kids excited and scared at the same time, and I will be talking for weeks about how there were big spiders at the birthday party. If you’ve got a bug enthusiast for child, then this could be the best party ever.

Make Your Parties More Exotic

We want to bring you the best of our creatures, so that kids can talk remember all of the exotic species that we show them. We aim to defend wildlife by showing kids how interesting and exciting these creatures are, and how they should protect them for the future. If you are thinking phone a critter or Reptile kid’s party, then we are the best team with a host of different animals to show your kids. Start the event today by booking online with our team and call 818-654-9433 now.