Pterodactyl Paper Plate

Hey Defenders! This weeks activity is another awesome dinosaur one. In in fact we are going to be making a Pterodactyl using paper plates and the templates found on the Critter Squad Wildlife Defender Kids Zone! This activity is so much fun and at the end the children will be able to run and fly them around. We have listed that you need crayons, but you can easily use things like paint, pastels or event water colors.   If you are looking to have a mess free version, then you can use colored plates from a party store as well.  It's a blast from the prehistoric past! This project is really simple and great for kids of all ages. Don't forget to check out more dinosaur arts and crafts in our latest YouTube channel called Critter Crafts. 

Supplies needed for this Pterodactyl art project:

  • Paper Plates
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Template from Critter Squad Kids' Zone
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