Triceratops Paper Towel Rolls

Hey Defenders! Next on our list of animal arts and crafts, is a Triceratops Paper Towel Roll! This is a great dinosaur arts and crafts project for kids of all ages and Triceratops is just as well know as the T-Rex, so kids love making these cute dinosaur crafts.  It is very simple- all you need to do is decorate your Triceratops, then build your Triceratops.  We have made an awesome video showing you exactly how to do that and you can find it on Critter Crafts, a YouTube channel operated by Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders.  Critter Crafts is a channel made specifically for people who love arts and crafts, but also love animals.  Check out all the art projects we have, by heading to our channel!  Below is the supplies you need for this activity.

All you need for this activity is:

  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper Rolls
  • Printable Activity (found on our website)
Don't forget to check out all the other activities and games in the Kids Zone.  We have tons of downloadable animal activities and more amazing animal YouTube videos you can watch.  See you there defenders!

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