Volunteers Needed!

Hey Defenders!  We constantly have people messaging us about volunteering here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders headquarters and we love all the help and support we can get.   We have lots of exciting things you can do to help volunteer and you will gain amazing skills at the same time.  We take pride in our volunteers and make sure they are able to get the valuable experience needed to further help out our facility or move on in the animal world.  We have created a brief list of things you can do to volunteer. Please contact our main office if you have any questions and make sure to fill out and review the volunteer packet to apply.

List of things volunteers can help with:

  • Brushing and grooming rabbits
  • Making toys for birds
  • Taking lizards on walks
  • Changing water bowls
  • Feeding animals
  • Prepping food
  • Cleaning Enclosures
  • Prepping Daily Enrichment

We have lots of other activities and things that volunteers came help with when you are stop by C.S.W.D., so don’t wait and join our team of volunteers!  If you are not ready to volunteer you can explore our Kids Zone, which is filled will enormous amounts of usable information on animals. Never stop learning defenders!