Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

Why Consider Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles as Pets?

Here at Critter Squad, we get a lot of questions about why someone would want to have exotic reptiles in their home. Unfortunately, we can’t provide them one specific answer, because in truth, there are several reasons a person would consider having exotic reptiles in Los Angeles.

They’re Different from Cats and Dogs

Exotic reptiles are obviously different from cats and dogs, but owning one can offer an incredible learning experience. The reason for this is that exotic animals are fascinating. They have unique behaviors and social interactions, so they can teach humans various sorts of information. However, when you choose to have exotic reptiles in Los Angeles as pets, make sure that you educate yourself of the things that they need. Keep in mind that they have unique and specific social and environmental requirements. That said, make sure that you know their needs before you even consider getting into exotic pet ownership. That way, you won’t end up having a pet with requirements that are more than you bargained for.

They Don’t Take Up Much Space

A dog or cat can take up a lot of space. Thus, if you live in a cramped or tiny apartment, having an exotic reptile can be a great option. A small reptile can live and survive in a small cage. Even if you ask those pet owners, they’ll tell you that they can offer the same companionship and satisfaction as a large dog or cat can provide. Just remember that sometimes good things can come in small packages.

Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

They’re Ideal for Individuals with Pet Allergies

Some people can’t have a pet dog or a cat because they or their family members have dander allergies. But not all hope is gone for these individuals–they can have a loving pet by choosing exotic reptiles that don’t have dander. If you’re allergic to dander, you can choose a hairless rat or a guinea pig, and if you’re not allergic to feathers, you can have a bird.

You Don’t Need to Walk Them

Exotic reptiles are especially ideal if you work long hours. A dog requires walking for a few hours, and you obviously can’t do that. You can pay a dog walker, but it can be expensive in the long run. The best thing about exotic reptiles in Los Angeles as a pet is that they don’t need walking. However, they do require socialization so they can have a high quality of life. That said, they can quickly adapt to the busy schedules of humans. If you have further questions about exotic reptiles that you can have as a pet, please don’t hesitate to call our experts at 818-654-9433!