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The Zoo Keeper For A Day program is super exciting, and great for any defenders that want to work their way up to becoming a zoo keeper or animal care taker! The program is simple: your child will be dropped off here at the Critter Squad Wildlife Defender HQ and will be given a 1 hour time slot to join our animal keepers as they do their daily animal work. Everyday is different in the Zoo Keeper for a day program, so you never know what exciting fun stuff you are going to do!

children touch the snake at the zoo

The Zoo Keeper For A Day program is for children between the ages of 4-16 years old. Classes are currently held on Friday, Saturday and Sundays and you can see all the details for the class like prices and dates available, along with signing up directly on our register for classes page

Zoo Keepers Will Experience:

  • Food prep
  • Feeding
  • Animal handling and interacting with animals 
  • Facility rules and maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Working on cage repairs
  • Learn to spot animal issues and concerns
  • Properly packing up and transporting animals
  • Along with plenty of exciting unforeseen activities

We make every day exciting and we make sure that your defender will learn irreplaceable skills that will help them grow their love and appreciation for animals, along with gaining skills to use in an animal work place setting. Don’t forget that every day is unique when taking our zoo keeper for a day class, with different tasks to engage in every class!

Zoo Keeper Class Pricing:

1 HOUR   $45.00 (per child)          CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES 

2 HOUR   $80.00  (per child) 

Zoo Keepers Must Have:

  • Critter Squad Shirt ($15 fee)  Students must have C.S shirts on at all times.
  • Comfortable clothes that are OK to get dirty.
  • Close toed shoes.
  • Water and small snack.


Students can also enroll in our private zoo school called the Critter Academy where students will have options to take multiple courses related to animals, along with earned certificates to show their experience.