Zoom Animal Classes!

Hey Defenders!  We wanted to tell you about some exciting new services we have been offering and some changes to our operations during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic.  We know this has been a hard time for everyone and it has been a hard time here for us in the zoo, as well.  During this time we have done our best to make sure you children are still able to learn and stay educationally enriched during this time. We also did our best to make education and learning fun for everyone and the whole Critter Squad team has really continued that goal for our online and zoom classes.  We hope you find a service below you can use for your homeschooling efforts and we look forward to having your children in class. 

Animal Zoom Classes!

Zoom has been offering their service for free during the pandemic and many people have jumped on the band wagon. Critter Squad has also jumped on the passing wagon and created our own version of virtual classes. Our classes come equipped with some of the best slides and visuals to really keep your child’s attention during the class and we have linking educational videos that are shot right here in our studio and digital center.  Our classes are educational and captivating. The best part is, we are actually showing real animals during every class, so your child will continue interacting with their favorite animals during the lock down.  We are offering 12 exciting animal zoom classes and you can register for all of them directly on our website. 

Classroom Pricing

Online Animal Classes

Critter Squad is now offering a series of downloadable online classes that you can do at your own pace.  Written by the top educators in our facility, our online animal classes are loaded with videos and even come with unique activities to match each lesson, like our unique reptile worksheets.  When taking the class you will be able to read and work on the class from home, work, even on the plane during your family trip.  The online animal classes also have many certificate options, so you can earn some big animal rewards as you complete more.  We have classes on animal care, biology and exciting animal sciences. Click here to check them out!

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Live Streaming Animal Shows

We have been having dozens of requests during the pandemic for 1 on 1 classes, along with private tours of the facility and certain animal areas inside Critter Squad.  These have been going great, so we decided to start some weekly live-streaming animal shows and live streaming animal presentations to help you continue learning. The shows feature multiple animals and wildlife and have actually become more of a show them a class. To tune in to our live animal shows you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to follow any of our live events.  To find out more about our live shows head to our register for events page and view the up coming events. 


The fun doesn’t end with our virtual events.  You can also head to our educational resource center to learn about numerous animals.  We have videos, reading content, activities and lots more ways to have a blast learning about animals. See you there defenders!