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Nesting / Animal Homes

Many animals build elaborate homes to live in. Burrows Are holes and tunnels dug underground by animals Burrows can range from simple tubes, to complex networks of tunnels and chambers Many animals burrow, including rabbits, moles, ants, reptiles and even penguins! Dens A type of burrow, but is usually larger Dens can also be used…

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Mimicry (PSF)


Mimicry is when an animal copies the appearance or action of another animal. Mimicry can prevent an animal from getting eaten, or can even help an animal catch a meal faster! There are many different kinds of mimicry that benefit animals. Batesian Mimicry is a “Sheep in Wolves Clothing”. The animal in question presents itself…

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Praying Mantis Sexual Cannibalism European


Cannibalism is when one species eats its own kind. For a long time we thought cannibalism in the animal kingdom happened only due to extreme conditions, such as a shortage of food. However, for many animals, cannibalism is a way of life. Over 1,500 species haven been known to regularly engage in cannibalism for a…

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Peacock courting peahen

Sexual Dimorphism

Sexual Dimorphism is the physical differences in male and female animals that do not include their reproductive organs.  While it is often hard to tell the gender in many animals, sexually dimorphic animals have many ways to distinguish themselves from male and female. Size. Also sometimes called size dimorphism. Many animals are much larger than…

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Stingers, Quills, and Spikes

A stinger is a sharp organ that is often connected to a venom gland that delivers venom when piercing the skin of another animal. Stingers are usually located at the rear of the animal and are often used as defense. Many animals have stingers Bees have stingers that are barbed, meaning that the stinger become…

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Great male Leopard in South Afrika JD


Camouflage is the act of an animal having a specific appearance that makes it hard to see. Camouflage can be useful to all sorts of animals.   Prey animals can use camouflage to hide from predators who want to eat them Predator animals can use camouflage to either ambush their prey, or to stalk them….

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Alcimandra cathcartii from Hooker Illustrations of Himalayan Plants

What are plants?

What does Princess Peach have in common with Princess Daisy? Yes, they’re both royalty, and cousins too. But they both have names that come from the world of Plants! Plants are all around us in the world, and mainly gain their energy from photosynthesis. This is a big difference from most other organisms in the…

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What is a Bioindicator?

Hey Defenders – do you all know the tale of canaries in the coal mines? Well, for a long period of time, coal miners would bring canaries with them underground, not just as friendly companions, but to function as a bioindicator and know if conditions were unsafe for humans. So what does that mean about…

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