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Where to Get Help with a Reptile Birthday Party

Theme parties for kids’ birthday parties are all the rage today. It seems almost impossible to take your son or daughter to a party that does not have some type of theme running through it, and you know when it comes time for your child’s birthday you are going to have to follow suit. The problem you have is that you may not know where to start with your child’s party. They have a great love of reptiles and organizing a party with this theme may seem impossible to you. Luckily, we at Critter Squad are here to help. We can assist you in setting up a reptile birthday party that your child will love.

Bringing Reptiles to the Party

We offer a special wildlife experience that everyone at the party will love to take part in. We can bring the reptiles right to you, allowing you to have the party where everyone gets to see, touch, pet, and hold exotic reptiles that you may never have seen this close up before. Our handlers and educators will come to your home with the reptiles that are ideal for whatever theme you want so that the kids can learn more about the reptiles, see how they move and interact, what they feel like, what they eat, and much more.

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Choose the Reptile That is Perfect for Your Party

At Critter Squad, we can get involved in the reptile birthday party and bring the reptiles that fit with your child’s love and theme. We offer an array of party themes, including those that focus on lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises, or other amphibians. You can have a party where the program teaches and explores a specific type of reptile, or we can mix things up and bring a little of everything. The choice is yours, and we will work with you to create the perfect party atmosphere.

Get the Reptile Birthday Party Started

The best way to get your plans started for a reptile birthday party is to give us a call here at Critter Squad so we can talk to you about all your party options and add-ons. You can learn more about programs here on our web pages, or you can phone us at (818) 654-9433 to get information and book the party that creates all kinds of reptile fun for your child and your guests.